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Bowl for Kids' Sake
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Bowl for Kids' Sake 2015:  
Details coming soon!

Help us choose a theme for 2015 by clicking the link below.

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                   12 Ways to Raise Money for Bowl for Kids' Sake
1.  Ask every single person you know to donate $1.    
2.  Offer to babysit for a friend or family member if they will donate to BBBSNC.
3.  Offer to do extra chores if your parent/guardian will donate to BBBBSNC.
4.  Make your own web page through www.firstgiving.com/ncbbbs and send the link to friends and family out of town so they can donate.
5.  Offer to take your neighbors recycling to the recycling center if they will donate the money to BBBSNC.  
6.   Collect items in good condition from your neighbors, friends, and family and hold a yard sale.
7.   With your Big or Little, walk the neighbors dog, housesit, or offer to help the neighbors with chores like weeding.
8.   Make duct tape wallets, bottle cap jewelry, or other crafts and sell them to your friends.
9.   Sell lemonade or cookies on the street corner.  Ask your neighborhood store if you can set out a collection can for customers change at the register; make sure to label the can Bowl for Kids' Sake:  Proceeds go to Big Brothers Big Sisters of the North Coast.
11.  Play music on the street corner at Arts Alive or Arts Arcata and set out a jar for donations.
12.  Draw or paint portraits for donations on the street corner at Arts Alive or Arts Arcata.

Pass on your other fundraising ideas to us at 445-4871.  Together we can make a difference!


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